Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Ode to My Wooden Spoons

Trusty, sturdy, simple, strong
Ready for me all day long.
Stir the batter, knead the bread,
Reach the cracks under the bed.
Grains of wood, clean cut lines
Seasoned from the million times
It's used throughout a busy week.
The spoons sit out for ready reach;
Fancy tools may have their place
And in the cupboard they will wait.
A basic tool for many tasks
Reliable for all I ask.
May I be just as ready
For any friend who needs me.
~Caitlin Mallery

Monday, April 21, 2014

Watch the Sky

The wee ones and I spent some time outside this morning. After enjoying sidewalk chalk and shadows, Ethan laid on the ground and told me he was going to "watch the sky." This delightful activity kept us all entertained for a while, discussing and observing what may be found in the sky. Here is the list we came up with:

Stars (but you can't see them during the day)

Airplanes and the moon


Birds (geese were the favorite)

Our flag
Hope you all can take some time to watch the sky and find some amazing things above!

Sunday, April 20, 2014


Moist with one drop of thy blood, my dry soul
Shall (though she now be in extreme degree
Too stony hard, and yet too fleshly) be
Freed by that drop, from being starved, hard, or foul,
And life, by this death abled, shall control
Death, whom thy death slew; nor shall to me
Fear of first or last death, bring misery,
If in thy little book my name enroll,
Flesh in that long sleep is not putrified,
But made that there, of which, and for which twas;
Nor can by other means be glorified.
May then sins sleep, and deaths soon from me pass,
That waked from both, I again risen may
Salute the last, and everlasting day.

~John Donne

Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Descent from the Cross

Is this the Face that thrills with awe
Seraphs who veil their face above?
Is this the Face without a flaw,
The Face that is the Face of Love?
Yea, this defaced, a lifeless clod,
Hath all creation's love sufficed,
Hath satisfied the love of God,
This Face the Face of Jesus Christ.
~Christina Rossetti